Hecate Apothecare

Goddess of Magic

Character Information

Name: Hecate Apothecare
Nickname: Hec or Heca
AKA: Tarot
Data Center|Server: Crystal|Malboro
Race: Lalafell|Dunesfolk and Au Ra|Xalea
IG Age: 25
Height: 3'9 or 4'7
Rp Friendly

Gender: Gender? (Xey/Them)
Sex: Female Anatomy
Romantic Orientation: Omni-DemiAro
Sexual Orientation: Omni-DemiAce
Relationship Status: Polyamorous
Partners: Mai'eti Kennyrae of Malboro

Physical Traits
Hair Color: A deep and darker purple highlighted with magenta accents.
Hair Style: Short and layered on top with shaved sides and a braided detail on the right side.
Eye Color: Heterochromatic, left eye is a soft purple and right eye is a pale blue.
Skin: On the paler side, with a dusting of freckles across xeir nose.
Tattoo's: Yes, on their arms, which they cover up on occasion.
Piercing's: Yes

Additional Information
Guardian: Nymeia, the Spinner
Nameday: 1st Sun of the 4th Astral Moon(7/1)
City-state: Limsa Lominsa
Grand Company: Maelstrom
Title: Fatewalker
◇Main Jobs: Healer(AST|SCH|WHM)
◇Secondary Jobs: DPS(RDM|SMN|DNC|MCH|NIN) and Tank(DRK|PLD)
Play Style: Jack-of-all-trades, Support, and Ranged
Likes: Art, music, games, helping others, botany and mining, tarot and fortune telling, purple, interior decorating, dancing, flowers, stained glass windows, admiring other peoples work, praise, sweet and savory foods, oriental and nature themed items.
Dislikes: Mites and all their variants, cocky|manipulative|rude people, abuses of power, being alone too long, when they make mistakes, trauma triggers(i.e. assault), super spicy food, not being able to help, death, malicious lying.
Home: Apothostle|Shirogane W17 P29, Malboro
Apartment: Apothecare and Co.|Lavender Beds W17 W.R1-36
FC: SCREE|Malboro
Work: Devil's Dwelling|Goblet W24 P34, Malboro
Static Stasis Reception|Goblet W12 P55, Diabolos

Side Notes:
◇- While this character focuses on these jobs, the character is working towards maxing everything and can fill any role needed.

The Story Thus Far

Raised on a small island between La Noscea and Thanalan, at the Apothecare Orphange and Hospital.

"I just think a smile suits me best."

Side Note:
◇- This story is being updated as time goes on, so if any instance of narrative is altered or removed that is the reason why.


Tarot Readings

Spread TypeTimePrice(Gil)
Consultation*30 minutes30k
Two Card(Yes/No Questions)30 minutes35k
Three Card(Past|Present|Future)30-60 minutes50k
Horseshoe(Answer a Question)60-90 minutes70k
The Cross(Reflection)60-120 minutes200k
Relationships(Love)60-120 minutes150k
Relationships(Decisions) 60-120 minutes150k
Time(Week Ahead)60-90 minutes 100k
Time(Year Ahead)60-120 minutes200k

Medical Sessions

SundaysCLOSEDEmergencies ONLY100K

Side Notes:
*During the Consultation, we will discuss what deck you would like me to use, the approximate nature of your reason for the reading, as well as a general overview of pricing. Above are my flat rates but additional charges can occur if we go above our time or you wish for another spread. You may contact me through my Discord HecateSG#0083 or in-game.